Welcome to Foodnet

Trading beyond your expectations

Our mission is to source quality products at competitive prices by forging and maintaining business relationships with diverse suppliers who share our passion for providing a first rate service.

Welcome to Foodnet

Foodnet is an international frozen food trading company based in Amersham, Great Britain. We specialise in IQF vegetables and fruit and over the last forty five years have built close business relationships with leading international manufacturing suppliers and blue chip companies. We have established trade routes all over the world, from the Mediterranean to the Far East and from Central America to mainland Europe.



About us

Our mission is to source quality products at competitive prices by forging and maintaining business relationships with diverse suppliers who share out passion for delivering a first rate service.

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Our Suppliers

We have built up strong relationships with a diverse range of suppliers throughout the world. All our supply companies are fully audited on a regular basis and share our commitment to quality.

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What is IQF?

Individual Quick Freezing usually abbreviated IQF is a freezing method used in food processing industry. The advantage of IQF technology is its ability to separate units of the products during freezing, which produces higher quality product compared to block freezing. This advantage is also important for food sustainability, as the consumer can defrost and use the exact needed quantity. 

A first class service

We have over 20 years’ experience in the foodservice market and can dedicate our time to look after your requirements. We can offer over 40 different veg mixes alone, in both 1kg and 2.5kg packs. We can combine the foodservice packs with our tried and tested logistics to bring them over on a weekly basis. To complement our vegetables we also offer a complete range of frozen fruits in both 1 kilo and 2.5 kilo packs. We look forward to your enquiries.

Mediterranean vegetables

We have particularly strong connections with Spain and other Mediterranean countries, which mean we can offer a specialist service in produce from these areas.

Our directors have been responsible for creating and developing many of the products you see today, such as the tricolour (red, green & yellow) pepper mix, which has proved so popular with the British consumer. Based on an original idea by us, it is now the most popular retail pepper in the world. Peppers are offered diced, sliced, mixed red, green, yellow and orange. In addition we are able to produce artichokes, broccoli, aubergines, courgettes asparagus, extra fine whole beans, onions and tomatos to the very highest specifications either adhering to the Chipping Campden gradings or applying clients’ own specifications.


One of the fastest growing demands is for IQF Mushrooms.

These can be supplied as diced sliced or whole buttons used for pizza toppings, ready meals of vegetable mixes. Production is in Holland, France and China and developments are now taking place in India. Shi Take and Oyster mushrooms are also available as are wild forest mushroom, Cepes and Chanterelles. Button mushrooms, together with baby corn, broccoli and sweet peppers are also prepared for the coated vegetable industry, now so popular as snacks and starters.


Mixes and stir fries

With our rice and pasta production we are able to take full advantage of the rapidly developing market for stir fries and other mixes. A full mixing facility is available to Foodnet clients.