Pack size: 1 x 10kg
Origin: Poland
Ingredients: Gooseberry 100%
Declare as: Gooseberry

The product shall be prepared from fresh sound raw material that is free from all toxic residues and taints and shall comply with all current UK/EU Food Legislation. The product is intended to be used as ingredient that is further processed and heat-treated before final consumption.


In Season

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Gooseberries are delivered fresh to the factory, each load is quality assurance sampled for foreign material and physical defects. The load is then put in a chill store (3°C) before washing, inspection and freezing to -18°C or below.


During packing the gooseberries are inspected before weighing and filling into blue poly lined cartons. The cartons are Best Before and Production date coded, check weighed, metal detected, palletised and stretch – wrapped before being returned to store at -23°C to await despatch to the UK, at -18°C.