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IQF English Asparagus Now Available

New product available: IQF 25-30mm length, 8-20mm diameter English Asparagus

The English asparagus season is just around the corner…

Growing it is a real labour of love, requiring certain conditions in order to grow well.

No shade, good weed control, light soil and lots of patience!

Once planted you need to wait three years before you can cut even a single spear.

Its all about preparing the asparagus for the following year. You must always stop cutting by 21st June in order for the asparagus to grow into fern, this will allow photosynthesis during the summer months.

Green British asparagus is the worlds finest but is only in season for eight short weeks, it is usually harvested from the last week in April to 21st June.

The spears are harvested every single day. They are washed, trimmed and frozen very soon after leaving the field, this helps to maintain the rich green colouring, and maximum freshness.

Not only is it delicious but it also has a number of important health benefits, and thought to be a super food.

When eaten regularly it packs a punch against diseases such as cancer and heart disease, also boosting your immune system. It is low in calories, sodium and cholesterol.

It contains high levels of vitamin A,C,E, folic acid, and dietary fibre which are all believed to help against cancer.

The high levels of Potassium can help to reduce blood pressure, the folic acid is great for expectant mothers, and the multi vitamins all contribute to healthy skin, nails and hair…Asparagus really is the true definition of a superfood!!!