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It could not have BEAN a better harvest!

Follow Gianluca and Ben, who make up Foodnet’s elite technical team. They recently went to view the Fine Green Bean Harvest in October.

These pictures show the product ready to be harvested and the efficient machinery used in the process.

As soon as they are harvested they are immediately transported to the production facilities within 2 hours. Once they arrive at the factory, samples are checked for quality. The Bean crop is then washed and trimmed. It is ready to be cut to the required size, then automatically inspected for colour and shape by a Laser Sorter. The Green Beans are then blanched and cooled down to approximately +10 Degrees Celsius before entering the freezing tunnel to be individually Quick Frozen.They are finally ready to be visually inspected by trained personnel, followed by metal detection and Packing.

All Our Belgium Green Bean growers are IKKB/Vegan Plan accredited and our Green Bean manufacturing sites BRC certified.