Lime Pulp 1.5mm

Pack size: Drums, Cans
Origin: Spain, Brazil
Ingredients: Lime, Water
Declare as: Lime Pulp

The product shall be prepared from fresh sound raw material that is free from all toxic residues and taints and shall comply with all current UK/EU Food Legislation. The product is not intended for direct consumption.

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All fruit is washed and rinsed, prior to sorting to eliminate under and over ripe fruit, infested and damaged limes. Fruit is conveyed to the Kelly machine which is set to quarter the limes and separate the peel from the fruit centres. The peel is shredded to 1.5 mm (+/- 0.5mm) in width with no crosscut applied thus being natural length. The peel and the dummy are cooked to inactivate enzymes. The peel, dummy and water, if required, are blended together, by percentage, to give the equivalent in the original orange and the pulp is heated to min 87C for canned product or min 98C for aseptic product.


Pulp passes through a metal detector and is either: a) hot-filled into lacquered cans or: b) pasteurized and filled into aseptic bags in drums. Finished product is stored at ambient.